Late in the 21st century humans started searching the galaxy, sending probes and unmanned missions.  They made a lot of noise, asking "is anybody out there?"

In 2117, somebody answered.  A race known as the Vorrid struck Earth, one of the few planets left in the galaxy that was rich in resources.  The Vorrid hit quickly, without warning.  The human race united like never before in order to combat this new threat.  Alien technology was re-engineered and genetic experiments created the perfect warriors to face the Vorrid in battle.

The war raged on for decades and spread throughout the galaxy.  The human race expanded, capturing territory, creating outposts and making their presence known.  It was a brutal fight with their genetically engineered warriors making many gains.  Finally, the humans fought the Vorrid to a standstill and a truce was signed and the war ended.

Now, two hundred years later, the war is but a memory but the damage was done.  The genetically engineered race flourished and broke from their ancestors calling themselves the Cadien.  There was an uneasy peace among races but the entire galaxy was dying and efforts quickly turned to survival.

With human ingenuity and Vorrid technology new methods to travel were created and none too soon.  Humans, Cadien and the Vorrid all pushed further than they ever thought was possible and a distant galaxy was discovered that appeared to be untouched by any race. This galaxy was named Galaxis.

News spread quickly of Galaxis, a fresh galaxy with an abundance of resources prime for the taking.  Fueled by need and greed each race took up arms once again conspiring for galactic conquest.  Pitched into the maelstrom of war you’ve been assigned a colony ship and commanded to assist your race in total domination of Galaxis.